The benefits of Mr. Charge users

Mr. Charge’s network of external battery rental stations allows users to stay online
longer by charging their smartphones on the go.

Thus, their activity is no longer conditioned by the battery level of the mobile device,
or by the mandatory presence in a physical location, in order to be able to connect to
an energy source. This dynamic and modern charging mode ensures a lot of benefits
for users.

Find out what they are and how easy it is to access them once you’ve downloaded
the Mr. Charge app!

The simplicity with which you download the Mr. Charge app

The external battery rental service we provide can be used with the Mr. Charge app,
available in the App Store and Google Play. We know you want dynamic solutions
for your lifestyle, that’s why we guarantee it’s easy to download and use.

Scan the QR code and the MR app. Charge installs quickly in your smartphone. It
takes about 30 seconds to complete the whole process – the actual downloading of
the app, connecting the card and filling in the data for renting the external batteries.

Access to a continuously expanding infrastructure
Mr. Charge’s network of external battery rental stations is growing day by day.
Currently, you have access to over 800 stations that you can quickly find on the
app’s map, so you can quickly navigate to the closest location to where you are.

Mr. Charge charging stations can be found in various places, such as HoReCa
establishments, retail shops, health centres, office buildings, supermarkets or even
spaces (temporary or permanent) where different public events are organized.

This benefit can be seen both when renting an external battery and when returning it.
See the nearest Mr. Charge station on the application map, get to that location and
place the rented device in an available cell.

Ability to charge two devices on the go

Renting an external battery through the Mr. Charge service allows you to fully charge
not one, but two devices. The structure of the battery allows them to be connected
simultaneously, if the models differ significantly, from the point of view of the plug.

Our fast charging solution ensures compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices.
If you own one or two devices with Micro-USB, Lightning or USB Type-C, Mr. Charge
external battery rental stations are the answer you need.

Access to the loyalty system available in the application

You use the Mr. Charge application to quickly charge your smartphone and benefit
from the loyalty system we offer you. You get promotional codes, so you know
you’ve made the best choice. What’s more, we give you access to your rental

You benefit free of charge for the first 30 minutes of renting a Mr. Charge external
battery. This facility that we make available to you is valid only once within 24 hours,
on a single user account.
Rent a quality external battery

Why carry your own external battery when there are plenty of Mr. Charge stations
available in your area? You quickly rent the product, charge up to two devices
simultaneously on the go, and then return it in an equally simple way.

Mr. Charge external batteries are equipped with multiple protection, so that they
provide the safety you need, in case of short circuit, overload or significant
temperature variations.

If the battery you rented does not work, the indicator does not light up or the
charging cable is damaged, use the “Change Device” button on the main screen in
the application, within five minutes of the rental time or contact our support service.
You enjoy 24/7 technical support
We are with you 24/7, with technical support adapted to the needs or problems you
identify. Regardless of the time you rent a Mr. Charge external battery, you can ask
us for help through the available chat service.

The difficulties you may encounter can quickly be solved when you request
specialized assistance from Mr. Charge experts: the station does not issue the
external battery, the QR code cannot be read, the external battery is damaged or not
working properly etc.

These are the most important benefits for Mr. Charge users, easy to notice even
from the first uses of this solution. Download the app available in the App Store and
Google Play, go through the authentication steps, and then you are free to rent the
external batteries we offer to you whenever you want!

See the nearest charging stations on the map available in the app, and rent an
external battery when your smartphone is almost ready to shut down. Find out in the
app the price of using the Mr. Charge service, along with other rates!