How does Mr. Charge support HoReCa businesses?

Becoming a Mr. Charge franchisee is an opportunity for all HoReCa business managers, due to the fact that access to external battery rental stations provides a lot of benefits, according to extensive market research. 

In today’s article, we will discuss the key points on how the innovative Mr. Charge service can be incorporated into the dynamics of a business in this industry in order to allow customers quick and easy access to a power source when they need it. 

With the obvious benefits available to guests visiting restaurants, cafés, hotels and other locations associated with the HoReCa spectrum, their perception of these brands can be significantly enhanced, as we will show in the following sections.

What do data survey show about the impact of Mr. Charge stations in HoReCa?

The benefits associated with the installation of external battery rental stations in HoReCa locations are supported by data collected from market research. Even within the first month of installation, preliminary results showed:

  • a 33% increase in customer flow*;
  • a 37% increase in customer loyalty*;
  • a 27% increase in time spent on site*.

*according to surveys and measurements carried out in locations where stations have been installed.

These increases of the analyzed parameter values seem to be consistent with the data collected from the market at European level, following research carried out by IReseach:

  • 87% of Europeans have at least one mobile phone;
  • 46% choose to use their gadgets continuously;
  • 93% forget to charge their mobile phones, resulting therefore the need to recharge them;
  • 2.5-3X – faster download speed for 5G devices. 

Benefits of installing Mr. Charge stations in HoReCa locations

The most important benefits, associated with getting the franchise and the subsequent installation of Mr. Charge stations in managed locations, are related to your customers’ perception of the service. Today, the need for real-time access to mobile devices – smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, headphones, portable speaker, e-book – implies finding efficient solutions for charging them at extremely low cost of use. 

Installing Mr. Charge stations for external battery rental solves this problem for customers, creating a whole different set of benefits for your HoReCa business. Here are just a few of the most significant ones!

Getting closer to the services you offer and the brand

Any location with our external battery rental stations is listed in the Mr. Charge app map, which your customers can download from the App Store or Google Store, or by scanning the QR code found on our website as well as on the surface of any networked power bank.

This way of communicating your brand’s name can reach out not only to long-time customers, but also to people in proximity. Once the first step has been taken – coming to the HoReCa location you’ve spotted on the map to pick up an external battery – you can introduce them to the services you offer through other marketing tools: promotions and great prices, menus with compelling photos and descriptions, pleasant ambience, pet-friendliness of the location etc.

Increase the retention rate on-site

If they can charge their mobile phone, smartwatch or any other device they carry with them in an extremely simple way, those who enter the place will not feel the same urgent need to leave. Therefore, prolonged presence in the bar, restaurant or café within the network you manage may lead them to purchase a greater amount of menu items.

Building customer loyalty and strengthening your market position

How your customers perceive your location as a place where they can access a much-needed resource can be a determining factor in their loyalty. Location choice can also be made because of this customer benefit, meaning that a simple installation of Mr. Charge stations can ensure a possible long-term consolidation of your position in the local HoReCa market. 

What ensures getting a Mr. Charge franchise?

Franchising Mr. Charge ensures maximum profit at low cost and a return of initial investment within 12–16 months of starting the partnership. With around €10,000 (initial investment), any manager of a HoReCa business can diversify their service portfolio.

You can quickly become the owner of a fully automated external battery business for charging devices, completely automated and connected to business core activity. Using Mr. Charge stations is both profitable and highly socially rewarding. Apply now for a Mr. Charge franchise by completing the following required fields below:

  • name;
  • surname;
  • email;
  • phone number;
  • country of origin;
  • number of stations;
  • investment value.

We provide all the necessary support to ensure that every franchisee in the Mr. Charge network enjoys a successful business start coupled with growth potential: 

  • innovative, high-performance equipment;
  • efficient business model with cost optimization procedures, revenue growth and a complete;
  • set of materials for operational requirements;
  • complete ERP system for business management – everything from the sales department to purchasing, invoicing and breakdowns;
  • 24/7 start-up assistance, training and technical support;
  • innovative tools for real-time station usage data analysis;
  • professional call center.

Take the first steps towards a Mr. Charge franchise right now and grow your service portfolio within the HoReCa business you manage. This strategic move generates a lot of benefits for your business, through easy and convenient access to the infrastructure for real-time charging of a wide range of mobile devices that your customers need at any time of the day!

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