Mr. Charge’s vision for global development

We want the Mr. Charge external battery rental service to be accessible to as many markets as possible across the globe. We believe in our ability to expand to all corners of the world, based on a common, global need for an online presence.

The expansion of the Mr. Charge infrastructure can provide benefits with a significant impact on communities, regardless of the country where this service is present. Learn more about our vision for global development in this article!

Global extension for common user needs

Data from a recent research by iResearch shows that 93% of all smartphone owners need to charge them periodically, in different contexts of the day, when they are not at the office or at home. Such a problem can be identified in any country on the globe, where the standard of living allows easy access of the population to mobile devices and the online environment.

We all live in an era of digitization of the entire society, where many smartphone owners are almost constantly connected to them. The ease with which the Internet can be accessed today, the extremely advantageous costs of use, as well as the global popularization of a common ABC of online services, platforms and applications, are the underlying factors of this phenomenon.

In this context, the potential of the Mr. Charge brand globally is huge, as entering local markets in different corners of the world aims to solve a number of needs:

  • the need to be permanently connected with loved ones, colleagues and business partners;
  • the need to know that we can generate a safe but free environment for society;
  • the need to make the best decisions for the future, based on correct information;
  • the need to be validated and to approach other users more simply.

These needs bring us much closer to each other, regardless of the distances that separate us, thus transforming us into members of the same digital society, with a unique global dynamic.

The benefits of using Mr. Charge in different corners of the world

The presence of Mr. Charge charging stations in shopping malls, metro stations, educational institutions, clinics and hospitals, HoReCa locations or in other public areas in large cities, generates a series of benefits, common to all smartphone users worldwide.

Those who want to charge their mobile device can do so in a much more dynamic way, without having to waste important time for daily tasks, near a fixed source of electricity. With the Mr. Charge external battery rental service, you can charge your mobile phone on the go, at the most advantageous cost for you.

Obviously, this first benefit activates in the background a lot of other positive scenarios for smartphone users around the globe, associated with the possibility of using the mobile device: solving urgent problems, finding a means of transport, ordering essential resources for home and family, maintaining a line of communication with the authorities etc.

We want Mr. Charge’s technical support to inspire the same level of confidence, anywhere on the planet. Thus, any user of our external battery service will be able to simply and quickly ask for the technical support they need, for different types identified in real time:

  • difficulties of a technical nature at the level of the external battery structure;
  • problems with scanning the QR code or actually using the application;
  • uncertainties regarding the verification of usage costs or usage time.

In the case of companies that choose to become partners with Mr. Charge, the benefits are equally generous. The data now available show that, in the first month after the installation of the stations*:

  • customer flow at locations with Mr. Charge stations can increase by +23%;
  • customer loyalty to the respective brand can reach +37%;
  • the time spent in the respective locations can be increased by +27%*.

*according to the results analysed following surveys and measurements carried out, at locations where Mr. Charge external battery stations have been installed.

Moreover, the integration of a new location in the map of the Mr. Charge application increases the visibility of that brand, thus generating more interactions and in a much more direct way with the services and products it offers. In other words, based on the need for access to a reliable source of energy, greater flows of customers can be generated in the respective premises and, obviously, a greater chance of monthly receipts increasing.

The Mr. Charge app and how easy it is to use

The Mr. Charge app is currently available on both the App Store and Google Play. With the global expansion of our service for external batteries, this tool will be used by more and more users, for the simplified identification of a solution for their need.

Currently, downloading the Mr. Charge app to your smartphone requires the use of a QR code, which you can find on our website. Once the app is downloaded to your mobile device, all you have to do is connect the card and fill in the other necessary data.

This whole process takes about 30 seconds, and we aim to allow the same mobility in using the Mr. Charge app, regardless of the market we enter in the near future. Once these steps have been done, the application can be used whenever needed.

The available map allows you to see the nearest Mr. Charge charging stations to where you are. You analyse the options available to you and then head to the location you consider closest to you. You pick up the Mr. Charge external battery, charge on the go, and after the smartphone has been charged, return it to the nearest station.

Convince yourself of the impact that the Mr. Charge external battery rental service can generate! Download the app now from the App Store or Google Play and make sure you have a dynamic solution for charging your smartphone, adapted to the needs of the entire Globe! With Mr. Charge, users from any corner of the world stay connected online as long as they want!