7 things you need to know about new innovations in mobile technology

Today, the whole world is connected to the online environment, and the tools accessed with the help of a smartphone greatly simplify life. But even in this context, technological innovations continue to surprise those passionate about mobile devices, offering new surprises year after year.

The digitization of various aspects of life today is something as natural as possible, regardless of the field of activity that we analyse. People want 2.0 solutions for the needs they have, simple to access by using a gadget always at hand.

Therefore, developers of hardware and software tools for mobile and desktop have a very interesting mission. Here are some of the latest technological innovations of the moment, with an evolution that you might want to watch carefully in the coming year:

1. Applications based on cloud storage solutions

Mobile applications developed around cloud services continue to consolidate an extremely important position in various business environments. Both managers and those in the operational area increasingly access tools such as Google Drive or Dropbox directly from their smartphone, and this dynamic seems to become the preferred one for the majority.

Cloud applications have adapted on the fly to the way people use mobile devices today. Moreover, it provides state-of-the-art solutions for sharing a company’s private data in complete safety. Popular smartphone applications currently using cloud-based technology: Twitter, Google or YouTube.

2. Artificial intelligence

There are notable advances in the area of AI, especially if we focus on how it can be navigated online today, from smartphones or desktop terminals. Firstly, we must mention the progress made by the big developers regarding the personal assistants available today on different devices: Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa or Cortana.

Second, the impact of facial recognition and voice recognition solutions cannot be ignored. Since a user’s voice can now be identified much more clearly, the available marketing tools can now provide much more relevant data about their own consumption habits, based on the voice commands they make.

3. Sports & Health applications

People tend to get closer and closer to sports and begin to understand that this can be done more simply by using apps and mobile devices. That is why digital assistance in the area of Sport & Health is currently generating major interest.

With the help of the available tools – smartwatch, smartphone, apps for monitoring the progress achieved in sports – users can create training programs adapted to their own needs, which are based on an extremely important element: information.

Moreover, platforms like Strava bring together practitioners of different sports, who share results and form communities around the passion for exercise.

4. IoT solutions for Smart devices

Based on integrated sensors and technologies developed for iOS and Android, several Smart devices can now be interconnected with just a few clicks. From fitness wristbands to smartwatches to high-end home appliances, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions enable simple connections wherever there is an internet connection.

Currently, the main focus of the developers of IoT solutions for the operating systems mentioned above is the generation of personalized experiences, reported to the consumption habits of users and activated on any type of Smart device used. This is possible due to the ability to monitor and adjust the interactions between interconnected elements.

5. Online payment tools

Online payments are another technological innovation to watch in 2023. Users have started using digital payment solutions more and more in recent years, especially in the context of the lockdown. This trend has imposed the need for a special effort on the part of application and mobile phone developers, regarding the security of the transactions made.

Currently, there are a lot of tools used to make online payments. Among the most frequently used such tools are Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or PayPal. The level of security and ease of use are the basic criteria for a smartphone user regarding his decision to make an online payment instead of another type of transaction.

6. Ways to charge mobile devices

By the end of 2024, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, sold in the EU space, will be equipped with the same USB charging port: type C. Thus, users will be able to use the same charging solution for all mobile devices at hand. The decision was taken in plenary as a result of a community-wide effort to reduce e-waste.

Moreover, through this decision taken at the level of the entire European Union, final consumers will no longer be exposed to the so-called “technological blockage”, by which they are dependent on a single producer. All devices that allow fast charging will provide the same charging speed, so users will save time for this essential action.

7. State-of-the-art solutions for charging devices

The digitization of the entire society is no longer a secret for anyone. We need an extensive amount of devices to be connected to each other, but also to perform a lot of other 2.0 activities, aimed at improving the perception of the world around us:

  • downloading smartphone and tablet apps;
  • exchange of information and media documents in real time;
  • monitoring health parameters on the smartwatch;
  • reading books in digital format directly from the e-book;
  • the use of gaming consoles in public spaces etc.

All these habits of mobile device users are possible when the hardware solutions at hand have an acceptable battery level. Otherwise, all of the above examples automatically cancel.

That’s why the interest in solutions that allow them to be charged on the go, independent of static current sources, is as real as possible. This need is related to the more than dynamic nature of the way things are done today. So, a state-of-the-art solution for on-the-go charging of mobile devices is vital.

What does the Mr. Charge service offer?

Mr. Charge is a service that allows the use of external batteries for on-the-go charging of devices, at very advantageous costs. The Mr. Charge application allows a use of this simple service. It is available in both the App Store and Google Play, and it takes about 30 seconds to download and register the necessary data.

Thanks to the map available in the app, you can quickly see the stations with external batteries available. Thus, you know which location you can go to from where you are, to pick up the battery. Charge up to two devices on the go, and once they’re charged, return the external battery to any Mr. Charge station.

The first 30 minutes of charging after the start of the rental are free. Free minutes can be used only once, within 24 hours, on a single user account. Find out more about the usage price and other tariffs in the Mr. Charge app!

The latest innovations in mobile technology allow you a more flexible lifestyle, simple to achieve by using the right tools. To see for yourself, download the Mr. Charge app for iOS and Android now, and your smartphone battery will always be charged. Thus, you will always stay connected to the online, loading on the go simply and quickly!